I Don’t Know | a spoken word poem by Omomary

– Photo Source: PoliticalWarriorWV.Blogspot.com

Good Morning, Nigerians
If you haven’t read today’s paper
Here are the top stories…

One hundred people were shot in a mass shooting
Another twenty died in a collapse — government building
Economic recession might last forever
After all, millions are dying of hunger
A new and unknown disease has killed thousands in the city
Many kids are sick cos their parents can’t afford keeping them healthy
And our leaders won’t be able to see to these problems cos they also have theirs
So, who’s sick; who’s dying; who’s still alive? Nobody cares

But what to do?
It’s my country; where I was born, where I live
And currently, we’ve got a bad economy and a bad government
Insecurity, scarcity of food and unemployment
Oh, what a predicament!
I’m an undergraduate that can’t even go to school in peace
The tuition is not only the big deal
But the fear of academic strike is the beginning of a high BP
My guardian didn’t even receive his last month’s salary
Isn’t that enough reason to worry?
Bad news day and night

Don’t know when things will be right
Don’t know if I should stand and pray
Or just sit still, watch and play
I’m a helpless curious teen that can’t even explain how she feels
Cos I’m writing our problems with no clue on what to do
And I’m just wondering if Time will heal us
Or hopes can see us through…
Seriously, I don’t know!


Omomary is a church girl, a writer, a sister, a feminist, a singer & an artist


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