The Beauti-fools | a poem by Odeyemi John

– Photo Credit: MichaelX (Source:

Who said the beautiful ones are not yet born?

They are the rumbling curse
And the venomous impulse in the come-hither eyes of fiendish Delila.

They appear in their regal struggles,
And straddle of lies

They slay in the dry clay of nothingness
And harangue of tainted beauty
Falsified with powdering ornament.

The rancid eggs of Jezebel
Hanging the dangling thumbs of senseless men
Between wide opening holes

The Beauti-Fools
With long doggy limbs
Like the creaks of cattle-eaglets

They have intercepted the purity of men
In their madness
and show of promiscuity

They have interrupted
the passage of time
they may hole the hearts of many,
but they will not hold my breath.


Odeyemi John is Poet, Writer, Columnist and Teacher of the word of God. His works have featured in different online and print magazines. He won the Jury Press Short Story Competition Prize in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria and was also selected as one of the best six in the NYSC/BSN National Essay Competition in 2015.


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