The Emergency | a poem by Tola Kayode-Olla

– Photo Source: Practical Matters Journal

It began
With the heat of the sun beneath her skin
Showers of milk upon her earth
The hoe swung her door open
The torrent of milk filled her cave
The root beneath her earth stretched
The grass upon her earth raised
Her grass swung to the rhythm of the wind
Her earth became fertile
A seed sprang

It continued
With the manure manufactured by the sun
Fed to her for the reason of her season
The torrent of rain widened the path to her door
Her tomb expanded
In aim to meet the tower of her heap
Her hips became a valley to her heap
Hours rode in chariots
Time rolled in tides
And days danced to the music of her season

The emergency
It emerged like the first rain
Fore-ran by the violent wind
That slaps the earth and unveils her robe
She heeded the call
She left it all
To welcome the new agent
’Cos it was an emergency.
The water tap unlocked
The water oiled her entrance
Smile of pain
Agony of joy
Life sprang
Another fruit.


Tola Adegbite OllaTola Kayode-Olla is a graduate of Literature in English from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. She is a potter and a poet, and a lover of art and of words. She is Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Bravearts Africa.


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