Noisy Morsel | a poem by Oluwafemi Babasola

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Broil of sweat streaming swift. Head
to feet. Pestles making hasty upward flights after every molestation.

Breasts basking in the supervision of firmly knot ankara wrappers with
turbulent swinging. Up and
down. Pestles waxing innocent yam, after its unholy baptismal in boiling waters.

And the “po ki po… po ki po” lyrics of the mortal written in the ruthlessness of pestles. Free advertisement to the neighborhood.

Mean looking pestles officiating the wrestle to emulsification of poor yam.

As white as the sky hosting the Sun at rise.

Oluwafemi Babasola is a poet and writer. He loves writing passionately as it is a tool he likes using to express himself. He writes a wide range of genres which includes motivation, sports, fitness and thought-provoking articles. Oluwafemi is a 500 level student of Osun State University, Osogbo in the Agricultural Economics and Extension department.


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