Kissing Hope | a poem by Ndifreke George

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Life knows our desires
And earnest expectation
Like that lonesome moon
Brimming hope for the moment
Then we look into the dark night
Guided by its white tresses
And hope that darkness will go away

Life knows our needs
Our dire needs
Like that vacuum in our hearts
Dying for a fill to brim
Then we march on with dissatisfaction
Hiding the hunger behind a smile
And hope that it will be filled

Life knows my color
A soft and calm pink
Like that sound of muah
After the tense collide
And I look forward to playing that music
When dawn will dawn
Then Hope and I will kiss


Ndifreke George is an emerging writer. First published at nineteen, and although of science discipline, his creative talent has shot him into writing of poems, articles, songs, scripts, novels etc. His poems have been published on Nigerian and international literary magazines and journals like Tuck Magazine, The Poetry Community,  Social Justice Poetry, The Kalahari Review, Poems and Poetry, Praxis Magazine and The Antarctica Journal. Few of his articles as well have appeared in the Calabar-based Nigerian Chronicles Newspaper. He has done a great deal including grooming students to write a book, and is aiming to do more.


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