It’s the Way | a poem by Omomary

Photo Source: Karolina Ptaszek on Pinterest | Credits:

It’s the way I think about him every morning
It’s the way I smile every time I see him coming
It’s the way his deep, thick voice gets into my head when he speaks
It’s the way I trip when I see him walk down the street

It’s the way, the way I feel for him
The way I always want to stay with him
The way I wanna let go but can’t
The way I wanna say no but won’t

Oh God, tell me it’s not love!
Cause with the way I’m fond of him, the way I always stare at his pix
And the way I always enjoy being with him
I know that ‘like’ is not the only word

The way I protect him like my baby as if I have raised him
The way I respect him like my daddy as if he has raised me
The way I share my secrets with him as if I’ve known him all my life
The way I’m so proud of him as if he’ll make me his wife

Church girls don’t fall for boys
They wait patiently for God’s choice
So if you think it’s infatuation
Then I think it’s obsession

Cause the way I always feel like I’m in Mars when he’s with me
The way it feels like hell when he’s not talking to me
The way I smile at everything he does
The way he’s put my brain in a fuss

Though I promised God he’ll only be my confidant
But I’m a crazy little teen with a feeble little heart
And now I feel like I’m in love with him
But is it really love, or it’s just the way I feel?


Omomary is a church girl, a writer, a sister, a feminist, a singer & an artist.


4 responses to “It’s the Way | a poem by Omomary

  1. Omo Mary. This is a great piece. But I must say that it ia not just the way you feel, but the way we all have felt at some point in our lives. It’s also the way I felt when I read this poem.


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