A Full Bottle of Tears | a poem by Uduak Uwah

Photo Source: Alfredo Mulhiu – Mbinheto on YouTube

The odorless liquid in me
The colorless fluid from me

A soothing balm from nature
To lubricate affliction and torture

To grease the bruise of pain
To cleanse the soul off stain

I cannot afford to sow sparingly
I have no desire to dispense grudgingly

I rather desire to have it in abundance;
On the day of deliverance

A full bottle of tears
For a huge bundle of cheers


Uduak Uwah is an emerging Nigerian poet, essayist, lyricist, and songwriter. Based in Calabar, Nigeria’s first capital and its number one tourist destination, Uduak, also known as Whill, employs gripping rhythm and rhyme to convey truths on various aspects of everyday living in stirring poetic language. He has an ever-expanding archive of song demos and lyrics to his credit. And you can find him here.

4 responses to “A Full Bottle of Tears | a poem by Uduak Uwah

  1. Such is life; it hangs on the balance of scales. Life is the marriage of unequals and on them it sustains its equitable order.


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