Stand, Ekaette, Stand! | a poem by Kayode Afolabi

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Ekaette sits
At home as her husband hustles
To find answers to grumbling bellies
Of their (or her) seven daughters

Ekaette sits
Awake through the barren nights
When Mr. Husband wouldn’t turn up
For she’s sure he’s inside Iniobong
A former friend

Ekaette sits
Idle like her certificates
Sir Husband wants not the men in suits
And ties smiling at his property
(If house chores, child care and nursing sores
Can be called idle)

Ekaette sits
At home with a veil made of routines
Traditions, customs and baseless how-to-dos
Well knitted with threads of intents
To keep Ekaette seated

Ekaette sits. Ekaette sits!
When will Ekaette stand?

Kayode Afolabi, a Nigerian trained medical doctor, enjoys listening to, reading and writing poetry. His poems have appeared on Kalahari Review and some others are forthcoming on Tuck Magazine. Kayode is a chronic cakehaholic.


3 responses to “Stand, Ekaette, Stand! | a poem by Kayode Afolabi

  1. Ekaette sits
    Looking out the window
    Deep in thought on what was once expected
    Sighing: a remembrance of decisions made ages ago.
    Ages almost forgotten when Ekaette once stood.

    Good stuff Afokay.. This is like my own ending to the poem tale..
    Trying it out.


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