Kibera Stories | photography art by Bryan Jaybee

Kibera is Africa’s largest informal urban settlement, located in Nairobi, Kenya. It is home to an approximated 600,000 people. Most of its inhabitants are the youth, the majority of which is unemployed but then has lots of potential and opportunity to utilize. Despite its problems of poverty, insecurity, crime and poor sanitation, Kibera is a buzz of life, a city of its own, a growing economy where both men and women are in the rush, working really hard to better their lives.


I. A man walks amidst smoke from burnt houses – looking for anything of value in Kibera, Gatwekera, after a ghastly fire accident caused by electrical fault gutted down over thirty houses, leaving families homeless and in a state of complete misery.

II. Kids swimming in brown, murky waters formed as a result of an ongoing road construction, after a huge pit was left open by road constructors.

III. A woman under an umbrella stands in the rain, stranded after a heavy downpour blocked an entire section of a drainage system in Kibera, Olympic Estate. In Kibera, rainy season is a sign of misery and devastation.

IV. Two women stand on top of what is left after a massive fire gutted down business stalls in Kibera. The fire that started from one of the stores was caused by an electrical fault before being triggered by gas explosions from a nearby gas refill store and quickly spreading to the other stalls. Properties worth millions of shillings were lost as the fire spread through Kibera’s business center, Olympic.

V. Nubian ladies pose for a photo while wearing their colorful traditional attires during a wedding ceremony in Kibera. The Nubians are few of the remaining Kenyan communities who have exclusively preserved their traditions and customs.

Bryan Jaybee, born Brian Otieno, is a freelance photojournalist with base in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya. He takes photos of people and places to show their potentials and their life. More importantly, he takes photos of anything and everything – to make memories, meet new people and have fun while at it.

Bryan Jaybee strives to make every image he takes a world changer and an award winner – and that is his approach to art, he says. “I want to capture the visual realities of life from the people around me and beyond,” he writes, “and be able to tell the stories through publications, and while also helping to understand what’s going on in their lives. I do this by creating a visual and unique point of view through photography.”


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