At Solitude | a poem by Ndifreke George

• Photo Credit: Nathan Wirth

I wanna be me
known by a name so unique
with an aura of a kinda person
only myself can evoke

I wanna be spiritual
putting my God as first
Loving the man next door
like I do to my very self

I wanna be realistic
out to solve the puzzle of reality
and not have my big head
stuck in the cloud for nothing

I wanna be emotional
to give my shoulder to the crying ones
returning winks for winks
heating out every foggy feeling

I wanna die fulfilled
that unforgettable daddy
with so much to learn from
living on even after he’s gone


Ndifreke George is an emerging writer. First published at nineteen, and although of science discipline, his creative talent has shot him into writing of poems, articles, songs, scripts, novels etc. His poems have been published on Nigerian and international literary magazines and journals like Tuck Magazine, The Poetry Community,  Social Justice Poetry, The Kalahari Review, Poems and Poetry, Praxis Magazine and The Antarctica Journal. Few of his articles as well have appeared in the Calabar-based Nigerian Chronicles Newspaper. He has done a great deal including grooming students to write a book, and is aiming to do more.

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