Stomach Safe | a poem by Oluwafemi Babasola

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Brisk sleek rats
they see you
they know you
your safe secrets
your secret safes
they blow whistles
the terror crow

Green rats in white paws
swim swift in swiftly waters
freeze or boil, they thrive
eyes penetrate thick black walls
invincible body burrow gold
plated iron safes

Currency sniffling nose
euro and cedes
naira and pounds
yen and dollars
nose sensitive as
crime dogs’

Big bellied boss boasts big bang bags
sleepless night, green rats seek
Manbilla high cold money mountains
dollars aloof, pounds on roof
sleepless night, green rats seek
helpless, happy-less suspense currencies
sleepless night, rats with whistles
night clock clicks tick tock music
sleepless night, big boss lock dock
green rats knock knock

Green rats ungrave gardens of gold
unveil black bowler hats to reveal vaults
unveil red feathered caps to reveal vaults
great as the coconut swamps of Badagry
lined in logic-proof havens

Green rats leak contents of
white agbadas
green rats cut open pot bellied stomachs
pots of paper notes soup


Oluwafemi Babasola is a poet and writer. He loves writing passionately as it is a tool he likes using to express himself. He writes a wide range of genres which includes motivation, sports, fitness and thought-provoking articles. Oluwafemi is a 500 level student of Osun State University, Osogbo in the Agricultural Economics and Extension department.

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