My Haiku Journal | a Haiku poem by Babajide Michael Olusegun

• Photo Source: Channels TV

The Haijin that I am. Political. Radical. Analytical. After all, all I see everyday is poverty; after all, all I see everyday are politicians getting rich. 

But Haiku requires of me simplicity. Originality. Romanticism.

I should keep it straight. Make nature heal my state. I should be a captive of the wind, lost in the beauty of the green. A leaf’s fall, slow in motion, dropping, from a sagging branch, must catch my attention; the sea, a pack of beasts on the field; my side attraction. 

Haiku is the reason why we must keep nature clean. With Haiku writing, you can plant a tree! 

So I drop this one, though not the way bombs are dropped:


Daily rainfall;

the sun now shines

in our hearts.


Rainy season:

rivers flow

through our legs


Babajide Michael ‘Literati’ Olusegun is a poet, a Haijin (Haiku writer)and the coordinator of Haiku in Lagos State under the umbrella of the Africa Haiku Network. He is the founder of the Parliament of Poets, University of Lagos.


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