Two Love Poems | by Deji Adesoye

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Fragments XIV

When I look at your cheeks
I feel like breaking eggs
To make omelet

Baby, your two cheeks
Are shining ping-pongs
That shuttle between
Your face and my mind

But your soft glowing cheeks
Are incompatible with tennis bat,
So will I fling my body
In-between when life throws
A backhand at them

I bring my gentle fingers
To the harvest of eggs
The harvest of these luscious eggs
Is an unending task that

Adds resplendence to my soul
Like a dinner of yam and egg.
May I always find occasion
To prick your ribs, obtain the

Pearly flash that lays
These eggs on the platform
Of your face, then hatch a plate
Of omelet on my mind’s table

Full Version III

and mother’s breast, though
old, isn’t sour, and from its big reservoir
of patience and jigged endurance
you and i will mix our brown morning tea

our day is like
the beach in a sunny afternoon

i hold your hand through
the rise of water before your silver feet
the high water crashes on our shoulders
now a water rolls from your forehead
and stops on the bridge of your nose—a
silk white globule of ocean’s bosom—i

kiss your wet lips and my left
hand holds lightly your right buttock while
my right measures the temperature in
your little haired armpit—water too
is a place where bodies feel their full versions

—and the water in my epididymis
seeks true home in the crescent below your navel
and the brown tea and the warm wisp,
and the dark mug and the soft lips
after a dinner of yam flour and the drawing soup

and your hand on my ___
stroking night into scaled melodies, like
a violin…and my mouth on your teats
licking night away like butter-
mint—and all anxiety melts into passion
in-between nipple teeth and a reckless tongue

and the walls and bed nod
in agreement
that you’re a thousand miles closer
than my umbilical chest

Deji Adesoye (AyoDeji Williams Adesoye) is a Nigerian philosopher, writer, and poet. He obtained a B.A. degree in Philosophy from the University of Ado-Ekiti in 2010, and an M.A. degree in the same discipline from the University of Ibadan in 2014. He is also presently writing for a Doctorate in Philosophy of Law at the University of Ibadan.

Deji’s poems and short stories have been previously published on SankofaMag, Kalahari Review, Ann Arbor Review, Ijagun Poetry Journal, The Literary Yard, Brittle Paper, and Bravearts Africa, among others. He is the author of the poetry eBook Anony Mous, published by Sanafrita (an imprint of Bravearts Africa).


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