Be Happy | a poem by Ojurongbe Bolaji Muis

Photo Source: Africa Speaks 4 Africa

On a couch
I sink and think on those days
those days you were all I had
like an oily tarred road, you stretched your goodwill mats
when the foes folded from far from me, their mats
those days your mouth leaked of honey

On my couch
I sink and think on those days
you denied yourself food
for my mouth to be fed
till my belly ached
those warring days
you fought wars, so I could dwell in peace
those days you hawked in the scorching sun
beads of sweat taking abode in you
flight of flies swirling round you
so I could sleep in a cozy bed.

On my couch
I sink and think on those days
you ran to market to sell your hard-earned cloths
for me to raise my hands in schools for answers
you back your wares
so I could back my bags
those days you walked 3 6 0 degree
so I could have a degree
you walked many miles to fetch water
for my dying tongue
those days your strong ageing legs
were the bridges that supported my feeble feet.

On my couch
I sink and think on those days
on a kola leaf, like ants you ate
in a calabash, like a lion, I devoured my food.

the society calls you a witch
you lost your sons and daughters
it says you a warmonger
a witch you are, but I am a CBN today
where was the society when you were suffering?
now I am coming back home
to change the story to glory
spread your arms and receive me
with a winning smile on your
breathtaking beautiful face
and so we can reminisce together on those days.


Ojurongbe, Bolaji Muis is a teacher in one of the leading private schools in Ilorin, Nigeria. He studied English Education in Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos. He is a poet, short story writer and an essayist. He loves writing about women-related issues and picturing pastoral setting in his work. He has written many yet-to-be-published works, poems and short stories, especially. He wishes to use his works to correct some views about women and to appeal to people to embrace nature. One of his poems ‘My Love’ was published by PenAStory.


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