“The STARS have departed” | a poem by Babajide Michael Olusegun

• Photo Source: PinArt

(After Christopher Okigbo) 

Emptied. Olodumare has taken his own. The dome is emptied of its glorious bulbs. Emptied
It was not war. Not the absence of form. Not void. No spirits roaming the surface of nothingness. There was Adam. An Eve had also been born. Aje’s blessings outpouring. The world overflowing. Yet Olodumare bent, and picked his bests. One by One.

Emptied. Now the sky is blank. As a Dragon’s tail swept off the stars. Stars of dawn. Stars of night. Stars, young. Stars, old. So the Sun, its twin sister Moon, took U-turns, never to return.

It was lottery. Its lustrous luxury. The autochthony of Gbewiri. The gaze of Ojukokoro. And Alokolohun kigbe’s omnipresence. The paraplegia of our apathy, its leprous citizens. Barao’s omniscience. Bansa’s Baron. Their genes; their unending offspring. The cake never leaves their mouth. Their shadow stuck on Aso rock’s coat of arms. Polls come and go in quadrangular “demonstrations of craze”.

Emptied. Yet Okigbo’s poetry feed lionesses and unsettles some M.A.D Magi in their Eastern distance. Though the STARS have departed. Though the sky is spread naked, in emptiness. Though the sea has taken away our able bodied men and their myrrh, frankincense and gold. Rolling from Coast. Rolling to Coasts. Yet Suru and her slave called Patriot continue to stand before this oily river and thick; naked they always stand. Naked. Never decked.






Babajide Michael “Literati” Olusegun writes poetry for several reasons. He is the representative of Africa Haiku Network in Lagos and the founder of The Parliament of Poets in the University of Lagos where he studies for a degree in Law. He is also a spoken word artiste and a human rights enthusiast. He is a graduate of Literature in English from Obafemi Awolowo University. He has works written in the three genres of literature.


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