Welcome to Bravearts Magazine!

Bravearts Magazine is an e-magazine of literature and the arts. It is a rich avenue of engaging alternative but beautiful and brave literature and art, most especially from young writers and artists who otherwise may really never have been heard.

The magazine has equally published free issues as periodical literary and art accompaniment in downloadable PDF format. Its releases also include literary and critical ebooks published under Bravearts’ Sanafrita imprint. These archives of rich compendiums are preserved to serve as your electronic companion as you experience a stream of creative blog posts on the go.

Furthermore, Bravearts acknowledges and commends at the end of every year the creative entries with the highest readership and engagement in that year. It does this via its annual flagship, The Bravestars.

Published in Nigeria since 2014 and by the writer couple Kayode and Tola Olla, Bravearts Magazine promises to take you on a jolly ride through an inspiring, creative wonderland.

Enjoy the experience—and share!


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