bravearts africa magazine

Welcome to Bravearts Africa!

Bravearts Africa Magazine is an online and PDF magazine of the arts. We are here to showcase interesting literary and art works as well as amazing people in the fields of the arts.

We achieve this beautiful feat via Bravearts Africa’s three distinct media platforms — and which are:

  1. through blogposts—and that is via our Blog platform, also called  our Online Mag;
  2. through PDF publications—and that is via our Issuu platform, and is also referred to as the Publisher Issues; and,
  3. through audio podcasts—and that is via our SoundCloud platform, otherwise called Bravearts Africa Radio.

Our PDF Publications include, first of all, a free downloadable literary and art magazine, released on this site and on our Issuu platform by the mother brand Bravearts Africa Initiative. This PDF magazine edition comes as theme/subject-based or genre/class-based issues. Call for submissions for each next issue are announced on our “Announcement & Events Update” page on this blog and in the back pages of the precedent mag issue. (Issues are downloadable free here.)

A second PDF publication type that Bravearts Africa Initiative publishes is free downloadable literary or art chapbooks by individual authors, and — soon forthcoming — edited anthologies. These are published under our Sanafrita imprint. (Series are downloadable free here.)

Our objective in the mother brand Bravearts Africa Initiative, Nigeria is captured in its slog: through arts, inspiring hearts! And with the the specialised work of our Team Members, we are committed to giving you an enriching, all-round experience in the arts.

Welcome, then, to Bravearts Africa Magazine the African magazine of the arts!


Bravearts Africa• Bravearts Africa Initiative

bravearts africa magazine• Bravearts Africa Magazines

Sanafrita• SANAFRITA™: Arts & Entertainment Reviews

HEARTITIA• HEARTITIA™: Heart Inspirationals

© Copyright of Bravearts Africa Initiative, Nigeria | All Rights Reserved


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