Babajide Michael

Babajide Michael

This is Literati, a graduate of B.A. Literature-in-English from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He is presently a student of Law at the University of Lagos and is the founder and convener of The Parliament of Poets on the campus. He is a word-lord, a poet, a playwright and a fiction writer with several manuscripts to his credit across these genres. His name is BABAJIDE Michael ‘Literati’ Olusegun.

In the year 2015, Babajide Michael ‘Literati’ Olusegun was shortlisted for the Uganda-based BabisaiNiwe Poetry Prize and since then has not lost touch with the BabisaiNiwe initiative whose mentorship programme has impacted him positively. He is widely published in National literary journals, print media and social media platforms. Some of these platforms are The Catholic Independence, A Phenomenal Woman Poetry Anthology: Collection of Poems in Honor of Dr. Maya Angelou, and His literatures have a mission and which is to inspire Literature in others, especially those who are not familiar with her, and by using the medium of what he decides to call Spokentry (that is to say, spoken poetry).

Babajide Michael’s poems are not content with being merely written; they also pine for the stage — and it is no wonder he has performed and still performs some of his poems at several religious and literary events. At the end of his performances, at least one person from the audience typically asks to have a copy of his poem, either to be performed elsewhere or to be kept as memorabilia.

Babajide has two unpublished plays, three unpublished collections of poems and several scattered poems as well as an unpublished collection of stories, most of which are children stories. He also has pieces of unfinished novels.

Babajide Michael ‘Literati’ Olusegun is Literary Editor for Bravearts Africa.