• To submit to us literary, art, opinion, reviews and interview pieces, please send submission/s of works as email attachment to Please, send along with a brief formal or informal author profile/bio of about 50 or 60 words in length or less, written in the third person; and an author profile picture that may equally be formal or casual.

    Please, submit your works with the subject head SUBMISSION FOR ONLINE MAG. Also include a brief message about the submission in the body of the email. For artworks submitted, please take note to provide (an) artist’s statement/s in the body of the email for the artwork/s submitted and to give a general heading to be used for the work/s submitted. The individual artworks must be saved with their individual titles along with the artist’s name.

    All literary and art works submitted to us must be previously unpublished in any print or online magazine, journal or anthology — excepting personal blogs and newspapers. If an entry was previously published in any newspaper, please let us know  and we shall duly acknowledge its earlier publication.

    Please send only one title, or same collection (e.g. a series or unified set), per time and do not send another until we have published your last entry.

  • To submit solicited literary and/or art works for Bravearts Africa Magazine quarterly issues in PDF, kindly send submission(s) of only previously unpublished (whether in print or in online mag, journal or anthology) works as email attachment, and along with a brief biography of about 50 or 60 words in length or less written in the third person, to Please send with the Subject line SUBMISSION FOR PDF MAG. See the back page of each previous mag issue for its Call for Submissions note and theme guide for the following issue. You can also check up with info updates regularly on our Announcement & Activity Updates webpage. Bravearts Africa Magazine in PDF accepts literary and art submissions. See our About page in its paragraph 3, for details on this.
  • To obtain rights to republish any of Bravearts Africa platforms’ original contents, kindly send an email to the Editors-inChief at
  • Interested in having a collaboration with Bravearts Africa, say, with your arts, media, or journalistic-oriented outfit or something? Send an email to the Editors-in-Chief at, and we can kick off conversation from there.
  • To make enquiries about any of our activities, services, and so forth, or to leave us with feedback comment or useful suggestions, please feel free to use the contact form at the Contact Us page and we will reply with equal promptness.