Ndifreke George

Ndifreke George Udo (N’some) is a Nigerian writer from the Ibibio ethnic group of Nigeria, who believes in inspiring others with his write-ups. Even though a graduate of Geophysics from Cross River University of Technology, Calabar, Ndifreke has developed his creative writing talent enough to be spotted among proficient literary writers. His writing is diversified as he writes songs, drama, poems, TV commercial scripts and comic skits. He has also worked as Script Writer/Creative Director for Stareesky Entertainment.

Ndifreke George’s first book Overcoming the Sin of Pride was published when the author was nineteen and by Saesprint, Calabar. Some of his articles have appeared in the Calabar-based Nigerian Chronicles Newspaper and in newsletters like The Ark. Also his poems have been published on Nigerian and international magazines like Tuck Magazine, The Poets’ Community,  Social Justice Poetry, The Kalahari Review, Poems and Poetry, Praxis Magazine and The Antartica Journal, The Parousia Magazine, Medium, Blankpaperz, Aphelion WebzineLiterary Yard, More than Starbucks International Poetry, African Writer, All Poetry, Writers Space Africa (WSA), and Avaitam Speaks Literary (ASL).

Ndifreke was the pioneer editor of The Truth Messenger Bulletin for four years before he moved to Ondo State of Nigeria for his National Youth Service Corps posting. During his National Youth Service year, his salient achievements, from grooming students in his place of primary assignment at a school to writing and publishing a storybook (The Storytellers), did win him the NYSC Ondo State Coordinator’s Award, the Best Teacher of the Year Award in his place of primary assignment, and an Award of Honor from the Nigerian Christian Corpers’ Fellowship, Ondo State Chapter — and where he also served as a two-term Drama Director.

Moreover, Ndifreke has got many unpublished manuscripts and is presently working on a compilation of religious poems with the title “Thoughts of Heaven”.

Ndifreke George is presently a freelance writer in Lagos and is Script Writer for Humour TV, an online comic platform based in Lagos.

He is Contributing Editor for Bravearts Africa. He can be reached by email via mailndifreke@gmail.com.