Bravearts Africa Mag in PDF: TRAVEL Issue (Issue #4)

Bravearts Africa Mag: TRAVEL Issue is Finally Out! Download FREE

Bravearts Africa, Issue 4: Travel

Bravearts Africa, Issue 4: Travel

Our own time is replete with movement, all sort of people movement. From displacements of people from their settlement on the basis of chaos, persecution, political unrest, and natural disasters, and tomigrant I on  in search for greener pastures elsewhere, say, in some cosmopolitan state or a city metropolis.

Then, also, we have the subjects of diaspora and home, and their attending questions of identity, nationality and culture. Sure, of course, there is the language problem that comes along when we talk of fusing into a culture different from yours. All these become interesting topics to considered when spun around, or interspersed with, creative writing and creative art. And that is what the Travel Issue of Bravearts Africa Mag in PDF has achieved!

In this issue, we interview in an audio companion to the mag issue (with links in mag)—we interview New York–based Nigerian writer and art critic Emmanuel Iduma on writing, art and travel where he shares his experiences on his many photography road trips as well as travel in his writing career. We also interview in a similar audio companion linked from the mag—interview Stockholm-based Swede-Congolese journalist on the African diaspora questions such as the Afropolitan experience, cultural identity and cultural hybrid, and the ‘What/Where is home?’ questions. On interviews, lastly, we have a written one conducted with Taiwan-based Gambian potter Abubakary Nyassi on the questions of practicing art in diaspora.

The issue is published in partnership with Kalangu Magazine, Sweden.

(Note: Bravearts Africa Mag Issue is designed with multiple layouts on A4 and is best read on Adobe PDF Reader and on a high-resolution screen such as pad/tablet or smart phone, or else on a PC screen.)

Enjoy the rich, compelling issue!


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